Beer Steamed Prawns with Chilli Oil and Lemon

Beer Steamed Prawns with Chilli Oil and Lemon

Plate of cooked prawns with bottle of chilli oil

These aromatic prawns are deceptively simple and lightning-quick to make. After just a couple minutes steaming, they’re ready to be seasoned and served! Finish them off with your own favourite dips and toppings, and they'll soon earn a spot on your personal menu. The perfect snack or side to go with any Mediterranean meal.
It’s easy to be intimidated by this recipe if you’ve never deveined a shelled prawn before, but it’s surprisingly easy. This video demonstrates how to make a small gap in a whole large prawn and remove the vein whilst keeping the shell intact. The flavour you get from steaming the prawns in their shells and the presentation of the final result when it’s all serve up is what makes this recipe so unique! That’s why we recommend you get hold of some nice big prawns and give it a go.
It may take a few attempts to master, but these prawns smell delicious whilst they cook, and look truly impressive once they’re served up! If you’re stuck for ideas on a fancy-looking snack or side for guests, this surprisingly easy dish is just what you need. To make them even faster, you can prepare the prawns the night before, and leave them sealed away in an airtight container in the fridge. Then, you could cook and serve them in a matter of minutes as soon as you or your friends start to feel peckish.
So give this a read, and next time you pass by the fish section at the back of the supermarket, have a look at what’s on offer- you might just catch yourself fancying a few of these.

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