Buffalo Cauliflower Florets

Buffalo Cauliflower Florets

Plate of cooked cauliflower florets in buffalo sauce


This recipe is well worth a try whether you’re vegetarian or not. A head of cauliflower is much cheaper than its weight in wings, and is far less filling and fatty, too. You know what that means? You get to eat more of them before you get full! Of course, the more sensible among us might opt to just eat a regular portion, and be satisfied with the knowledge that they’ve scarfed down all that nutritious cauliflower, with the flavour of some classic buffalo wings. Each to their own.

Even if you’re not looking to cut down on your meat consumption, which certainly has its benefits, this is a cracking recipe that works both in the oven or on barbie. That means you can enjoy it as an easy make-at-home snack with a movie, as a side to a show-stopping dinner, or as an impressive sticky starter at this Summer’s barbecue. We personally love recipes that can be used over and over for different meals, because they’re just such a useful thing to have tucked away at the back of your mind. Maybe we just think about food more than most.

One of the main benefits of this recipe is how customisable it is. Once you nail down the actual cooking, you can start switching in your own favourite sauces and marinades to really make these a personal favourite. If you have some family recipes for marinades, this could even become a classic patented dish that’s unique to you. All because the cauli at the back of the fridge needed eating up.

Let’s get cooking!

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