Quick Black Bean Pork Chilli

Quick Black Bean Pork Chilli

Black Bean Pork Chilli with rice


The best thing about any chilli is just how versatile it is. You can cook a great big batch at the weekend, packed full of flavour and nutrition, and then warm up portions throughout the week for an easy, hassle-free meal. You can roll it up into burritos, treat yourself to loaded nachos, or turn it into a filling dinner with a serving of lime and coriander rice. Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at these 17 ways to serve chilli, and you’ll how this recipe is the gift that keeps on giving.

Classic Chili Con Carne needs time to simmer and reduce so that only the thick, rich sauces are left behind. But sometimes, on a busy worknight or rushed last-minute dinner, you don’t have the time. That’s where this recipe really shines. You can have this chilli go from kitchen to dining room in just 20 short minutes. That’s roughly how long rice takes to cook, too, in case you were planning to have that bubbling in the background. Whether you’re pushed for time, or just not in the mood for much cooking tonight, this is the perfect recipe to feed the family or meal prep for the next few days.

The thing that’s so great about making this dish, is you’ll have everything you need to make it again and again. Once you have the right spices in your cupboards, you could make this recipe with pulled pork, shredded chicken, or even jackfruit for a vegetarian option. You could also substitute the black beans for kidney or pinto beans, or really whatever kind of beans are sitting in that last can at the back of cupboards.

The bottom line is, this recipe makes a dish that is quick, simple, delicious and healthy, and one that can be enjoyed again and again in many new and exciting ways.

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